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Cookies are a "reminder" short "lines of text" containing information that can be stored on a user's computer when the browser (eg. Chrome or Internet Explorer) calls a particular website.

Thanks to cookies, the server sends information that will be reinterpreted and updated each time the user returns to that site. In this way, the website will automatically adapt to the user, improving the browsing experience.


Cookies are primarily used to:

  • Improve the experience of navigation around the site.
  • Provide the operator of the site information on the users also to obtain statistical data about the site and improve its navigation.
  • Cookies may also advertising messages.

For example, you can identify the following types of cookies:


These cookies also "technical", they are key to navigate the site using all of its features. These cookies do not collect information to be used for commercial purposes. This category includes cookies set by platforms to support the infrastructure of the site.


Cookies used to statistically analyze accesses / site visits (cookies called "analytics") if they pursue exclusively for statistical purposes and collect information in aggregate form; In this case it is allowed to users, usually through the activation of specific browser functionality in their use, to object (opt-out) at their facility, also through possible mechanisms anonymizing cookies themselves

It notes also that Cookies may remain in the system for long periods and may contain a unique identifier. This allows sites that use them to track the user's navigation within the site.

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For more information see disclosure Privacy Google.

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