Criteria for the estimation of real estate

Criteria for the estimation of real estate



The most likely market value of a property, especially if located in seaside tourist area, is strongly influenced by numerous factors. First, distance from the sea. Since these properties to use mainly holiday during summer then used, those within a certain distance from the beach are generally more areas than the ones furthest from the sea. With this you don't want to say that the price per square meter of property places beyond a certain distance from the beach are well below; a certain type of clientele to be purchased Beach House prefers to spend their holidays in quieter location then less close to the beach. The lagoon is a very popular area for those seeking an area filled with peace and quiet but at the same time served and not far from the Centre.
500 metres away from the sea of Prefissando, based on my experience, I dare say that 60% of potential buyers would rather buy within that distance.

To remain on "property location" I would like to point out to a prospective buyer not to focus excessively on the distance to the beach and bathing services. The sea and the beach are experienced during the day; during the evening and night life the top destinations are the two towns of Lignano (one through pine forest and one at Riviera), full of shops, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions such as the Arena Alpe Adria, the amusement park, the Junior Park for children, the Terrazza a mare, the GE. TUR and much more. The Center and these attractions can be reached on foot, by bicycle or use the car or public transport? Even these aspects have to be taken into consideration for a potential purchase and whether to attribute a price for a property the more conveniently as possible to the current market value.


A consideration on the difference real estate values between Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera. From a generalized point of view I would venture to say that there are substantial price differences between the three districts. The value of a property is strongly affected by the type of clientele and the amount of real estate demand. Lignano Sabbiadoro consists mostly of apartments into condos, Lignano Riviera from ville; Lignano Pineta is a more or less uniform melting of both types of properties. Those looking for an apartment to buy so I usually tends towards Lignano Sabbiadoro; those who search single or two-family villas in quiet areas, tends to prefer the Riviera. Pine Grove is an area that could be coveted by both types of customers as it is made up of both villas (mostly) and both apartments. That said, regarding the value per square meter of an apartment, is slightly higher in an apartment located in Lignano Sabbiadoro than one of Lignano Riviera, given the greater geographical demand of this type of property. This prediction level normal and ordinary. The client but find a property to purchase exclusively in Lignano Riviera for reasons of quietness tends to exclude Lignano Sabbiadoro and in this case for that potential buyer is less the price difference between the two neighborhoods. The villas for tourist use follow the same pattern; There are mostly in Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera then those located in these two districts are usually more requests than those of Lignano Sabbiadoro. A particular area is the dock in Lignano Sabbiadoro, where there is a significant presence of terraced houses and apartments with direct access to the mooring. In this case, a type of clientele with special needs such as direct access to the dock with related services, valorizzerebbe much that type of property known as corresponding to your needs.


For a purchase requisition for a residential property in Lignano, distance from the sea moves in almost all aspects. This type of clientele appreciates in particular the internal floor area, the type of heating, the degree of insulation, energy rating and does not give particular weight to the surface of the terraces; characteristics which for customers who plan to purchase a property for tourism are not of major importance. The residential properties are located mainly in the area of the lagoon.


Another aspect to determine the value of a property is the year of manufacture; new or recent properties logically are priced per square meter significantly higher than older ones, regardless of whether they are in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta or Riviera.
Regarding a property used, price be affected depending on the State of maintenance of the same and, if restored, the level of restructuring. Even the energy classification plays an important role but in a property located in Lignano or in other seaside resorts typically it takes second place; a potential buyer for a property for tourism gives more importance to the location of the property rather than the energy rating.


Particular importance is given to properties located on the seafront and with sea view. Market trends of these types for sale follows a market unto itself as present in very small number compared to the total amount of properties located throughout the jurisdiction of Lignano. There are few similar goods to be compared to the estimate, evaluate a property placed on the tenth floor beachfront location with open sea view would be almost like giving a price to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. These properties, in addition to having a market value, they also have an "artistic" value: a prospective buyer might be willing to pay more than its standard value as extremely rare and original characteristics (seafront and sea view).


In conclusion the estimation of a property in Lignano is a fusion of several factors and is done based on the comparison between similar goods; estimating a property based on price per square meter is quite relevant since, as already mentioned above, it is conditioned by several intrinsic factors and apply of the property in question.

If you own a property in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta and Riviera or would you like a professional designation on his hypothetical market value, I invite you to make a request for real estate valuation in the appropriate section of the site.